Behind the Scenes: Glamour Photoshoot in Philadelphia! / by Adeyemi

This entire week, I've been giddy about the photo sessions I had in Philadelphia last weekend. The City of Brotherly Love showed me so much love that I'm already planning a trip back this Spring/Summer! On Saturday, I teamed up with my dear friend, sorority sister, and FAB makeup artist Tameka to offer my client a glamour makeover and portrait session. We scouted out great locations around the infamous Philadelphia Museum of Art, and were lucky to find that Spring had sprung in Philly! Beautiful weather, sunshine and flowers all around... I couldn't have asked for a better day to do a photoshoot!

IMG_0004The orchids were in full bloom! My favorite flower :)

IMG_0001Tameka is a FANTASTIC makeup artist! Follow her on Instagram: @mytwist3dlife!

IMG_0012My model for the day! Jamillia was one of my very first friends at Pitt! Such a beautiful spirit... truly gorgeous inside and out! She's a school teacher in Philadelphia and an amazing poet, as well.

IMG_0008 IMG_0007

We got great shots amongst cherry blossoms, and then turned on the drama with a fabulous vintage sequined jacket and bold makeup. Tameka did a great job, and I got some beautiful images of her too.


Aaaaaaand the photographer got hooked up with a makeover too ;)

IMG_0002HELLO! ----> @mytwist3dlife. Check. Her. Out.

IMG_0003Awesome day with these ladies!

My weekend didn't stop there... Sunday I did a photoshoot with another friend from undergrad, Robin and her cousin Jasmine! Again, the Philadelphia Museum of Art served as a gorgeous backdrop for this session.


The session took on a fairytale-esque tone as we found interesting stones, walls, grass, and a tall windy tower to shoot in front of. I can't wait to finish the final edits to these pictures!

IMG_0010Special thanks to Robin & Jasmine's makeup artists for not only the makeup and styling, but for being extra pairs of hands on set :)

IMG_0005 IMG_0011

I can't put into words my gratitude for all of these ladies. It means so much that they support me and my business as I embark on this venture. It was such a great experience for me to let go of the fear and nerves, put myself out there, prepare, and perform.

Until next time, Philly!


I'll be posting the finished images on this blog and on my website soon!