Calamari / by Adeyemi

It's been a roller coaster of a week for me. I'm pretty sure I'm going through a severe quarter-life crisis -- with full on hot flashes, rough sleep, frustration, and anxiety. I go through a phase like this about one or two times a year. No biggie 0_o

But seriously. The feeling of being torn about a heavy decision, not sure which direction you're meant to go in, the ever-present battle between head and heart. It's like having those two little people sitting on your shoulders, representing your conscious. But instead of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, the two little people are different versions of yourself. Not good, nor bad, just you. And which do you turn to for direction?

We all go through this in different ways and regarding different aspects of our lives. For me, right now, I'm facing a major conundrum about my career. I know that no one else can solve this puzzle for me but myself. But I'm blessed to have several pairs of listening ears that allow me to vent. And I'm even more blessed to have patient mouths to speak to that give me feedback.

I'm sure I'll wake up one morning and the burning questions that I have will be answered. A sign will reveal itself. Someone will give me the perfect bit of advice. I'll have an epiphany and all will be clear. (That happens right?) But for now the only thing I need is some delicious calamari, a light beer and good conversation with a friend :)

Have you been torn between a good choice and another good choice? How did you make your decision? I'd love to hear about it!