Photo Shoot Prep: Film Noir / by Adeyemi

I had a FANTASTIC weekend; fun, relaxing, and super productive. I did a photo shoot with an up and coming model here in Albany, NY and worked with her model developer (MB Productions) to create a great "film noir" styled shoot. I would say that this is my first attempt at editorial photography and I LOVED it!! The model's dramatic look and vintage/1920s hair style really pulled the concept together. What I loved most about this shoot was that it unexpectedly came together by pulling my resources and MAKING IT HAPPEN. Our makeup artist for the day couldn't make it, and the initial location we had chosen had closed! So we improvised! With the help of the local Sephora and MAC counter in Macy's, our model, April, was able to pull off a great smokey & sultry look. We then drove to a local hotel and shot in the lobby, restaurant, and elevators! It was daring, but it worked and we didn't get kicked out!! I'm so pleased that everything not only worked out, but that the photos are phenomenal!

I can't wait to finish them, but for now, here are some pics from our prep!


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