Brand management & visual image consulting.

Perception, often times, is everything.

In a time where the majority of human interaction happens digitally, actions no longer speak louder than words - visual perception does. For nonprofits, startups, and campaigns, investment in a strong, consistent and attractive visual presence and brand can set the trajectory for success, especially in the first stages of organizing. Through assessment, brainstorming, and strategic planning, I offer my clients customized brand development and visual image consulting. I am able to produce high quality photography, graphic design, logo creation, and establish an effective social media strategy that engages my clients' audience. First impressions are significant, and I strive to ensure that my clients put their best foot forward and are able to set themselves apart from other organizations in their industry.

Lesley Adewunmi holds a Master of Public Administration with concentrations in Nonprofit Management and Information Systems Management from the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy/University at Albany.  

She's A Boss, a young professionals club for women

the challenge

The mission of She's A Boss (SAB) is to "be a resource and inspiration for women who want to better build and manage their careers, and to nurture and disperse their talents into communities that need them."

Through networking events, a professional mentorship program, and various career-development workshops, this organization serves a diverse audience of women 35 and younger. Established in 2012, SAB is in the process of expanding its membership and raising funds in order to apply for 501(c)(3) exemption status. Founder, Liska Wilson, utilized my skills to bring awareness to her organization and its fundraising efforts.

the solution

My initial assessment of SAB was that the membership and fundraising committees of the organization ought to center themselves around a campaign - a campaign that would brand the organization consistently across all of its services and programs. The "A Boss Is" campaign became of a part of a larger branding strategy that defines the organization clearly to its audience and addresses the organizational purpose of the nonprofit. By better communicating the purpose and mission of SAB, the organization can better attract it's target audience and expand its membership. Additionally, a clearly defined brand and campaign will attract suitable donors.

SAB's brand needed to evoke a sense of professionalism that would match the quality of professional career services the organization aims to provide to its members. In order to do so, I set up a professional portrait session for SAB's Board of Directors (seen below). The head shots and portraits that I took are used on the organization's website, marketing materials and for the personal branding of each of the boardmembers. The photo shoot aimed to show both a driven, powerful and ambitious side of the members, as well as a relatable, casual and contemporary side.

4th Family, Incorporated

the challenge

4th Family, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that aims to engage and mentor youth in the Albany, NY community, molding them into successful individuals. The organization provides educational, athletic and social opportunities for African-American youth and their families, and through the use of programs, conferences, and annual events, helps young people accomplish their dreams. Programs and events offered by 4th Family are free to the community and therefore are funded by donations and sponsors. The organization's leadership hopes to expand 4th Family's programing and the reach it has in the community and must focus on its fundraising efforts in the coming year.

the solution

In order to better attract donors, organizations ought evaluate their visual presence, both online and in print. Donors prefer to see that an organization is active in its communities, before pledging funding to its cause. For donors who are unable to attend an organization's activities, photography becomes important in documenting efforts and portraying the good work that an organization is doing.

I have worked with 4th Family to capture images of its on-going activities and the participation of youth in its programming. From the organization's participation in the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembrance March, to a science and technology fair at a local university where children learned about the physics of basketball, to presidential debate watch parties, I've captured the involvement of community members in 4th Family initiatives in a fun and dynamic way. I enjoy utilizing bright colors and deep contrast to show the human connection in bold images. 4th Family has used the images I've produced on its website and social media pages. The organization has also used the images for newsletters and mailers that are sent to community members and donors.

By utilizing high quality, professional photographs, organizations can expand their brand to build a consistent visual presence in an ever-growing digital world.  

Dorcey Applyrs for Albany Common Council (2013)

the challenge

Albany Councilwoman Dorcey Applyrs accepted the challenge of running for a council seat as a newcomer to the Albany political arena. Being a transplant into the city and focusing her community work in the public health field, Applyrs was completely unknown in political circles and in the neighborhood where she'd be representing in office. In addition to having to build recognition and credibility with her constituents, she also knew that she would be facing a tough, well-known opponent in the Primary Election. Public relations became a major part of her campaign efforts. 

the solution

Applyrs brought me on as the Public Relations Coordinator for the campaign. I was responsible for assisting her with messaging, designing mailers and flyers, assisting the management of her social media accounts, and documenting her campaign activity with photographs.

I first established that Applyrs had to become known to her constituents in the most honest light possible - as an advocate for healthy communities, an intelligent and conscious doctoral student and professional, and a devoted wife. I made sure to photograph her in honest moments as she engaged with residents, talked to children, listened to constituents, and actively participated in community events. The campaign utilized these photographs of her on the campaign trail on her website (where the majority of donors pledged their funds), social media, and for mailers. 

I designed the mailers using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to create original, informative, and professional quality documents that shared Applyrs campaign platform. I used my expert knowledge of Facebook Pages and Twitter to post updates about her campaign and engage with supporters. I also designed flyers (such as the one below) to convey important messaging and promote initiatives that the campaign supported.

Applyrs won her Primary Election and went on to win the General Election. She was sworn into office in January 2014.