lesley adeyemi adewunmi head shot


(pronounced "Ah-Day") 


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Some call me Lesley. Others call me Yemi. But my full name is Lesley Adeyemi Adewunmi and I'm a Nigerian-American photographer from the Capital District/Albany, New York. Growing up, I've always appreciated and valued art as an outlet of creativity and an expression of life. I've admired artists for their ability to convey emotions and tell stories through their respective art forms. I, too, am driven by a desire to tell a story through photographs, help connect people with one another, and freeze moments in life with a snapshot.

My  passion for photography extends especially to portraiture, wedding, travel and philanthropic photography, as well as graphic design. A firm believer in the expression of beauty through a photograph, I'm dedicated to quality, professional photographic services. I'm an avid traveler, and especially excited for any opportunity that would allow me to see more of the world; so don't be afraid to ask!

For inquiries & commissions contact: photos@lesleyade.com